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File To Data URI

With File To Data URI, the process is made easy and efficient. We provide an online platform that can quickly and easily turn any image into a data URL or file URL. This means that instead of having to manually upload each image individually, all you need to do is simply drag-and-drop them onto our website. 

File URL generator

Once uploaded, our powerful algorithms will automatically convert the images into their corresponding data URIs or file URLs in just seconds! You'll be able to use these generated links on websites such as Facebook and Twitter without having to worry about manually uploading each individual photo - saving you time and effort in the long run. 

Our platform also supports other types of files including SVG files which can be converted directly from JavaScript using our API integration feature. Additionally, we offer support for converting existing data URIs back into image files with PHP or NodeJS via npm packages like 'data-uri-to-file'. 

 So if you're looking for an effective solution when it comes to converting your photos (or any other type of file) from one format another - look no further than File To Data URI! Our user friendly interface makes it simple even for beginners who are new at this kind of task.

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