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Free WordCounter
Free WordCounter

Free WordCounter

WordCounter is a free online tool that helps you quickly and easily count the number of words in a text. It has a simple and user-friendly interface so that users of all skill levels can quickly and easily count the words in their documents. With Word Counter, you can quickly and accurately keep track of the number of words in your essays, reports, articles, and other written works.

The Benefits of the Free WordCounter

Welcome to Free WordCounter – the ultimate online word counting tool! Whether you’re looking for a way to quickly count words in a document, PDF file or website, Free WordCounter has you covered. Our easy-to-use and free service is designed to help anyone who needs access to an accurate word counter. 

With our comprehensive suite of features, we make it simple for users of all levels of expertise—from students writing essays and reports; writers creating content; professionals building presentations and documents—anyone needing an efficient way to count words can use our free service with ease. 

How to Use the Free WordCounter

 With just one click on the “Count Words Now” button on the homepage, users can upload any type of document (including .docx files) or paste text directly into our web page from any source including websites like Quillbot or Paraphrasing Tool that have already been written by others. We also offer options such as ‘Word Count In Word’ which allows users who are using Microsoft Office products like MS Word 2007/2010/2013/2016 etc., they will be able view their total word counts right within their documents without ever having leave their work environment!  

 For those wanting more detailed results beyond simply getting a total number count there is also ‘Word Frequency Counter' feature which gives readers insight into how many times each individual keyword appears throughout entire body text being counted - perfect for SEO purposes! Additionally , we even have mobile apps available both Android & iOS devices so no matter where your travels take you -you never need miss out on keeping track your project's progress again!. 

 So if it's fast & reliable online tools related anything from counting words in minutes accurately , checking spelling mistakes through grammar checker capabilities or even finding synonyms easily then look no further than Free WordCounter – sign up today start making most out every writing task now !

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