JSON to CSV/CSV to JSON Converter

JSON/CSV Converter


Often used for tabular data, CSV, or Comma Separated Values, is frequently linked to spreadsheet programs like Excel. The CSV format is the output of many data reporting programs.


JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation, has emerged as the standard computer language for storing structured data that is understandable by people. JSON is now widely used in everything from APIs to configuration files.

JSON to CSV Converter

  • Your JSON input should contain an array of name/value pairs for each item.
  • Moreover, it might be a single object with an array of name/value pairs for a single property or a single object with a single object of name/value pairs.
  • Another format is JSON Lines/MongoDb, where each JSON record is on a single line. The Javascript syntax can also be used to identify the array.
  • Each field value may either be forced to have double quotes around it or it will be chosen for you. The header row of the CSV output is optional.

XML To JSON / JSON To XML Converter Tool


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